Casa in Contrada

An opportunity to experience the city right inside its beating heart. Casa in contrada stands right in a network of streets and lanes, which descend from the famous Piazza del Campo towards Piazza del Mercato, which was once a meeting place for merchants and farmers. We are located in the Contrada Della Torre, in a building that retains all the charm for which this city is so popular. 

What is the benefit? We are right in the heart of the city!

Looking out the famous windows in front of you, you can listen to the voices of tourists, local people, members of the districts, children: so, the flow of everyday life. However, turning your gaze to the left, you will get lost in a large green space called L'Orto dei Pecci, dominated by the Terzo di Città, with the majestic church of St. Agatha. A “green” treasure that is perfect for a few hours of relaxation, maybe reading a good book, or visiting a unique place where an ancient medieval urban garden has been reconstructed.